About Us

Greater Excellence in Education Foundation (GEEF) invests in the education of 38,000 youth in Harford County Public Schools by providing programs and resources to compliment the learning and growth of each student regardless of their economic circumstances.  We believe every child should have the optimal framework to achieve personal success.

GEEF works in partnership with the community to bring critical resources to help students succeed in their academic and personal goals through middle and high school leadership programs, college and career mentoring, scholarships,  free school supplies for low income students, grants to support innovative classroom instruction, and celebrating the education profession with the community.


Greater Excellence in Education Foundation is a partnership of diverse community members who will build community partnerships that will raise public awareness, pride and support for the quality of education in Harford County Public Schools and enhance educational opportunities for its students.


Greater Excellence in Education Foundation promotes, builds, and supports positive public relations and productive partnerships to increase student achievement and community pride.


  • A high-quality learning environment where all students are successful.
  • A community proud of its schools and its accomplishments.
  • Community and business partnerships that engage in the achievement of our students.
  • Open and meaningful communication with the Foundation’s sponsors.